Among the numerous card games available for Android, Forest Rummy is one of the most popular. This game allows users to compete against each other, making it a popular option in India. It is a free download and plays much like rummy, with some differences. It is a fun, addicting game that lets players explore the natural beauty of their surroundings. The gameplay of this card game is simple and easy to learn, and is a good alternative to a game like rummy gold.

It is a popular card game, and is similar to the traditional games of Hanafuda and Kon Khin. While the two games may be quite similar, they are fundamentally different. In the case of forest rummy, players must arrange their 13 cards into sets, in order to win points. A set is a group of cards that have two sequences or combinations. A valid set must have two consecutive cards, and each player must discard the last card to declare the game.

To win a game of forest rummy, players must get all of their hands in a row, or in a single sequence. In addition, players must match the cards with the same suits, if they have them. This strategy is important for ensuring that the cards are sorted in the proper way. In forest rummy, a player who has the most hands wins. However, a player must be careful to avoid any set that has three or more identical decks.