Live dealer casino games deliver a new kind of online gambling experience, wherein technology mimics physical casinos in a real and tactile way.

Every live dealer game is accompanied by an invisible orchestra conductor: The Game Control Unit (GCU), which captures card shuffles and wheel spins and turns them into digital data.


The main difference between the two is that the the former is played live with human face to face on the table with a croupier, while the latter are played on online casinos with the same simulations(CGI). In addition, the technology employed in respectively are allowing players to play in a new security environment, minimizing the risk of any unauthorized access to the system.On the one hand, it is a great opportunity for online casinos to advance their system by providing a car-protection from unauthorised access or cheating from the outside which cannot be prevented in the regular online casinios.
On the other hand, everyone including myself wouldn’t miss the most important social aspect either in job interviews or dating by spending the majority of our time on social medias earning the tag “antisocial”. Although these games are not completely the same as a real transaction with face to face interactions, they do help rescue the real human exchange from being lost. In the same perspective, one of the advantages of live dealer casino games is the live element which allows us to interact with a real person and provides us with a feeling of being in the real casino hall.

Shuffled cards, spins of the roulette wheel and throws of the dice in live casinos, for example, are now digitally processed by state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software before they are instantly transmitted back to players. This allows for unparalleled transparency and fairness, and completely takes out random number generators.

With lower latency streaming, there are more rounds per hour, and obviously this would increase the revenues for iGaming providers. The second thing that would help a live casino to stand out is being fully responsive on mobile devices; this would increase player retention which is what we want, and it would grow the trust between one player and the casino. Also, dedicated technical support teams should be available for the players regarding small bugs or issues that might come up on the iGaming platform.

Personalized Interaction

Live dealer games allow for the seamless experience of online gaming – with sporadic, but authentic, real-life-video interactions with other players and real dealers who are broadcast live from a casino studio or in a land-based gambling facility. These amazingly popular games have allowed online gaming to adapt to our new, ever-changing reality.

High-tech video streaming allows you to watch the games live and talk to dealers through live chat, so it feels and emulates the real ambience and atmosphere of land-based casinos, while allowing you to play from the comfort of your own home.

OCR technology converts the turning of cards, spinning of a roulette wheel and the throwing of dice into bytes and transmits its results back to players in almost real-time – vital software for fair play and accurate results. The best encryption technology serves as an invisible bodyguard to play data, protecting it from hackers who might steal the information or use it for cheating.


every player can experience the fantastic game live due to connection with dealer and other people involved in the game, In other words, live dealer games allow interaction with the online dealer and other players which, can make these games absolutely unique and rousing, something that software-run games of the same types do not possess.

The sense of authenticity that live dealer gaming can provide is thus boosted by having real dealers with real equipment – card hands or revolving wheels – streamed to players via a high‑resolution stream that is carefully framed to appear as close to a casino experience as possible.

Studio experts emphasise the fact that a good system must never swerve too far towards either pole. Technology may well improve games, but so too may an ability of systems to engage people as individuals, for example in the non-mechanistic ways that a barrier game attendant mightsay: ‘Hello. Please play twice, sir.’ Gaming can also be enhanced when an ingenious computer ‘team’ knows hundreds of gaming variants, the rules for each and the ‘best-bet’ strategies players tend to use. Skilled poker software can offer tailored gaming journeys based on a player’s stated interests.


One of the common concerns of online gamblers focusing on trust and fairness of the casino games, reliability of payment processing, and effectiveness of customer service channels. The best live casinos are committed to responsible gaming by taking measures to enhance the overall fairness of casino games through transparency oversight principles by governments and independent testing agencies conducting audits and testing the casinos’ compliance to strict security and responsible gaming standards.

Cards are shuffled and balls are spun on roulette wheels and the activity, relayed by video camera, goes directly to the players via HD streaming, courtesy of a Game Control Unit (GCU) – the unseen Irish giant inside the computer that translates all real-world action into data that software understands.

Secondly, dealers are trained to spot problem gamblers, and to refer them to help, to maintain player retention and integrity. Proactivity serves player trust as well as integrity. At 888casino, there’s a full list of live dealer games, with big classic card games such as MONOPOLY Big Baller.

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