While the nut flush is the ultimate goal of every player, you should also keep in mind that the king-queen and ace-jack are the most common draws and can be used to make a nut flush. Although unsuited, ace-king is still playable, but should be folded to big raises. This hand wins 19 percent of the time when suited, and only 15 percent when unsuited.

The Ace-King pair is the next strongest starting hand. Like the AQs, it is playable. When suited, AK can hit many good flops, although it can be vulnerable to top-pair resistance. When playing with a suited connector, be aware of how to deal with a flopped top pair. It is not easy to improve your suited connectors, but they can win big pots.

When playing in late position, the Ace-King combination is an excellent choice for making a raise, especially if the other players have a weak hand. If they have a weak hand, they can still win against top pair. However, you should be cautious of players with top pair, as they may be a strong opponent. The king-queen is often a great option when a player raises.

The Ace-King combination is the most difficult starting hand in poker. It depends on the flop and the overall position, but it is a solid hand to play in most situations. If you have a pair of aces, you can often hit a top pair with it. Otherwise, you can face a lot of resistance on the Ace-high flop. But, it is a bad idea to bet big when the opponents are limping.

The Ace-King is a great starting hand. But it isn’t quite as good as AQs, and it is not as playable. It is a strong starting hand with a strong kicker. It is a great way to make a nut flush, but it is vulnerable to overcards. Besides being weak in the starting hand, Ace-Queen is a strong suited hand that can make the nut flush on occasion.

After the top-ranking hands, suited Ace Jack is the second-best starting hand. It is similar to AQs in terms of playability, but it is not as strong against top pairs on flops. If you have an ace-king, you can raise it from late position and try to win the pot. Regardless of whether you have a king, it can help you get into the pot.

The top 10 poker hands are not in any particular order. The order is based on the highest-ranking hand. The royal flush is the best starting hand, and is comprised of five consecutive cards in the same suit. Straight flushes are similar to royal flushes, but use a king as the highest card. You can make a straight flush by using two pair. When you’re playing in a tournament, the best hand to use is the ace-queen.

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