Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that can be applied to practically anything. Like Western traditions like crossing your fingers or knocking on wood, Feng Shui gives people some sense of control in an otherwise chaotic world.

One notable feng shui misstep occurred at MGM Grand’s original entrance, which featured an enormous lion mouth. As a result, Chinese patrons often avoided entering through that door or chose an alternative entrance (Frazier, 2012).


Casinos were traditionally decorated in colors that attract gamblers – velvet red, cool brown and shy yellow are well known to keep visitors there longer, creating the illusion that time seems to stand still when inside one.

As more hotels utilize Feng Shui as part of their design philosophy, its purpose is to promote operational efficiency and ensure sustainable business growth while increasing satisfaction from both external and internal customers.

Good feng shui is said to bring wealth, which explains why gold has long been seen as a symbol of winning at casinos – be it table games or slot machines. Blue hues are proven to reduce stress levels and help players make better decisions, making online casinos employ shades of this color often. Green symbolizes health and prosperity.


Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, involves placing objects and the space around you in an order that attracts positive energy and brings luck. Additionally, Feng Shui fosters productive environments to sharpen managers’ decision-making skills while inspiring creativity, motivation, and innovation.

Casinos have taken to using this strategy to entice customers and expand their business, using colors, symbols, and feng shui elements to create the ideal ambience and even employing a consultant for guidance in their design process.

People often dismiss Feng shui as superstition or pseudoscience, but others believe it can be used effectively to attract prosperity. Some even use it in their daily lives by using Feng Shui in their homes to bring in wealth and success; other use feng shui consultants when traveling overseas so they know which accommodations would provide optimal conditions. Furthermore, individuals consider career paths and relationships using eight divinatory trigrams (ba-gua) which correspond with directions on a lo-pan compass when making decisions.


The 777 symbol has become iconic for casino players due to its long use in slot games. Along with the red and black color scheme, this sign has come to represent success when gambling. Every numeral holds different significance across cultures; the 777 sign, however, has come to represent good luck.

Feng shui is not some mystical art form or scam; rather it’s an authentic 3,000-year-old Chinese system of beliefs designed to promote harmony and energy within an environment. Today its principles can be seen being applied across a range of industries such as fast-food restaurants or cycling teams during Tour de France races.

Some adhere to feng shui as an integral part of their lifestyle or spirituality; others find its principles superstitious or bizarre. Whatever your opinion on feng shui may be, its principles can certainly have an effect on your casino experience and should therefore be carefully selected in order to guarantee an enjoyable gaming session.


Feng Shui may seem like an unfamiliar pseudoscience to some people; however, like Western traditions like crossing one’s fingers or knocking on wood, its aim is to help us gain control over an otherwise chaotic world. Feng Shui helps people feel peaceful and in sync while playing casino games – an invaluable advantage!

Hotels can benefit from staff satisfaction programs by improving business operations and stability by strengthening relationships between external customers and employees within their organization. Staff satisfaction programs also boost hotel profitability by improving external customer satisfaction as well as employee morale. Ultimately, overall wellbeing of business can be improved as staff satisfaction and morale are increased through these methods of development.

Casino feng shui also takes into account its layout. A clear pathway must exist for visitors to navigate around the space; an entrance that complements with water’s direction helps maximize chi flow, leading to more customers entering.

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